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Bantam chicken with a proportioned and rounded shape. Its characteristics give him an elegant aspect. Vivacious and strong temperament, with a high capacity of laying eggs and it is an excellent sitting hen.
To explode certain cliché it is necessary to know that it is not important breeding this kind of animals in special environments, particularly if we are talking about a Mericanel della Brianza. Is enough an unused lawn or a garden around the house with some trees to facilitate night refuge. The breeding of this friendly and exuberant bantam chicken, a cock and three hens, won’t let you waste a lot of time, moreover it will give you a lot of satisfactions: some fresh eggs, he happiness of seeing the develop of a small world, full of colours, songs and…freedom, because Mericanel della Brianza love free spaces.
Mericanel della Brianza is a free chicken!

Origin: Brianza, place north of Milan full of hills. Selected at the beginning of the century from rural bantam chicken raised wild and with a high capacity of laying eggs.

Type: Bantam and vivacious chicken, with rounded and proportioned lines. These characteristics give the chicken an elegant aspect.

Vivacious temperament and strong character. It doesn’t like living in restricted places.

Through the selection it is important to improve colourings, preserve the hatching propensity and the excellent sitting hen characteristics.


Body: Cylindrical, short, rounded and slightly inclined. Head: Small size and very expressive.
Beak: Short in length and slightly inclined.
Eyes: Expressive and proportioned to the head.
Comb: Simple, straight, red, middle size, thin texture, implanted tight, with five teeth, with the lobe that clearly separates from the nape. In the hen it could be fold in one side without covering the eye.
Wattles: Oval, small, red.
Face: Red, thin texture.
Ear-lobes: Small, smooth and red.
Neck: Middle length, curved, with abundant cape.
Shoulders: Rounded and tall.
Back: Short, wide and inclined towards the tail, round line.
Wings: Long, sticked to the body.
Tail: Middle size, hold high, with long hairline and rich in falciform.
Breast: Rounded and prominent.
Legs: Short.
Tarsus: Long, smooth, thin, with no plumage. Four toes.
Muscle: Well built.
Pigmentation: Intense.
Skin: Soft and yellow.
Abdomen: Well developed.

Small size chicken, thin bone structure.

  • The cock is between 700 and 800g.
  • The hen is between 600 and 700g.

Plumage: abundant with wide pens.

The hen lays eggs of about 35 g with a shell from a creamy colour to a brown one.


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